Barry Slaff


I am a research-oriented software developer with an interest in deriving insights from data. Currently I’m part of the World Well-Being Project.

Recently I have studied in the Department of Computer & Information Science  and worked at Weljie Lab in the Department of Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics at the University of Pennsylvania.



  • Master of Science in Engineering in Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania, completed May 2017.
  • Master of Computer and Information Technology, University of Pennsylvania, completed May 2015.
  • M.A. and B.A. in mathematics, minor in physics, University of Pennsylvania, completed May 2012.


  • GCB 537 – Advanced Computational Biology. Course Assistant. Spring 2017.
  • CIS 520 – Machine Learning. Teaching Assistant. Fall 2015.


  • Sengupta A, et al. Deciphering the Duality of Clock and Growth Metabolism in a Cell Autonomous System Using NMR Profiling of the Secretome. Metabolites 2016, 6(3), 23.
  • Slaff B, Jensen ST, Weljie AM. Probabilistic Approach for Evaluating Metabolite Sample Integrity. arXiv:1506.04443. June 2015.
  • Slaff B, Sengupta A, Weljie AM. NMR Spectroscopy of Urine. (Keun, HC ed). In NMR-based Metabolomics (New Developments in NMR Series). Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Slaff, B. Binary quadratic forms, class field theory, and complex multiplication.
    Master’s thesis studying the work of Dr. David Cox. Supervised by Dr. Ching-Li Chai. 2012.

I am from Norcross, Georgia, USA.


Email: firstname dot lastname at gmail.

I am on LinkedIn.

Photo credit: Felice Macera

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